The Lost Gospel Of Jesus


9 Nov 2014. Jesus did not die on the cross a single man – he had married a prostitute, Mary Magdalene, and the happy couple had two young children by.

25 Dec 2014. The Lost Gospel, which is based on ancient religious texts held by the British Library, asserts that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and.

1 Dec 1996. According to these scholars, the authors of Q did not view Jesus as "the. The Lost Gospel, which has sold 39,000 copies, repeated that theme.

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First Lost Gospel of Mark, Book 2 of the Lost Gospels Series. the son of Jesus as Mark and his family flee from the Romans, the First Lost Gospel of Mark is as.

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The lost Gospel of Q (Q is for German Quelle or "source") is a postulated lost. the Logia— seems most likely to have comprised a collection of Jesus' sayings.

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