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Jul 31, 2017. *Rep. Maxine Waters has stirred the musical creativity of several musicians who were inspired by her steadfast response last week to Secretary.

Aug 4, 2017. Maxine's moment has been turned into memes, hashtags, and even a gospel song. “Reclaiming my time” has been repeated at the office. Maxine's “ reclaiming my time” moment has resonated with us on a whole different.

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“Reclaiming my time,” she said once. The back and forth between Waters. her speech over the weekend erupted into controversy. There’s no gospel remix coming for “Find them at gas stations.” “The.

"Reclaiming my time" can now be applied to virtually any time-wasting and/or exasperating situation, and as of Sunday, its evolution as a meme includes a gospel remix by actor and singer Mykal Kilgore.

Maxine Waters on Friday squashed rumors that she’ll throw her. Waters has been something of a viral sensation in the past week, after she used the phrase "reclaiming my time" during a standoff with.

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Read more: Women’s Convention snags Auntie Maxine’s ‘Reclaiming my time’ theme ‘Reclaiming my time’: Maxine Waters phrase prompts buzz, memes and a gospel song Although the. Women’s Convention set.

How can Team Jesus best use Maxine Waters' declaration of "reclaiming my. if you haven't seen the memes, viral gospel video spoof, or merchandise sales of.

Aug 2, 2017. maxine waters james brown wig song reclaiming my time Mykal Kilgore Maxine Waters inspired the gospel song 'Reclaiming My Time' by.

For the first time ever just standing on the town square. Joining this interfaith and unaffiliated gospel group is part of my journey to embrace and reclaim my Southern Appalachian heritage as a.

The powerhouse vocalist has re-shifted a harsh K-pop spotlight to reclaim her. she says of her time hiding from the spotlight. "But I’m not even Britney Spears and I’m having those kind of feelings.

[‘Reclaiming my time’ becomes gospel-style YouTube song] Rea’s viewers do more than just brainstorm for the show. They also bring in advertising — after six months, “Binging with Babish” grew to.

Jul 31, 2017. The rules allow her a specific amount of time and Mnuchin was trying to. clock and cried foul by repeatedly saying, “I'm reclaiming my time!”. However, my identity as a Christian doesn't allow me to articulate it in their way.

#BlackGirlMagic: Congresswoman Maxine Waters' “Reclaiming My Time” Inspires Iconic Internet Gospel. Posted on July 31, 2017 – By Bossip Staff. 1 of 14. ❯. ❮.

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Jun 26, 2018. Cosmo did the “Top Ten Reactions to Reclaiming My Time.” There was a dance mix, a gospel mix and a segment on “The View” where Mykal.

For the first time since democracy returned to the country. ALSO READ: A-Ibom guber: Ekere vows to reclaim stolen mandate But it appeared Igini’s gospel did not sink into the skulls of some.

It is a time of turning inward. Gomes — how can the good news of the gospel not be bad news for everyone else? When I became a minister, I did not anticipate how often people would assume they.

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Reclaiming My Time -Gospel Mix. rafi-dangelo. How do you say “reclaiming my time” in Shona or Ndebele?. I'm gonna use “Reclaiming my time” so much.

Her instant-classic “reclaiming my time” moment instantly generated an avalanche of memes, and the phrase was even adapted into a gospel song. During an appearance on The View, Waters said, “I’m so.

Waters repeated the phrase "reclaiming my time" three times before the committee chairman silenced Mnuchin. A video clip of the exchange went viral, after musician Mykal Kilgore made a "Reclaiming My.

"Reclaiming your humor after you’ve been. also went through a divorce. "Got My Name Changed Back" is the first single from the group’s new album Interstate Gospel, which was released Nov. 2.

Jul 31, 2017. The phrase "reclaiming my time" was soon adopted as an. This gospel version of Reclaiming My Time by @mykalkilgore deserves a Grammy.

Aug 1, 2017. Over the weekend, at least two musicians created “reclaiming my time” songs. One is a beautiful gospel song by Mykal Kilgore.

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) has inspired a new viral song and a rallying call for women, people of color and the LGBT community to reclaim their time and power. The Post’s Christine Emba spreads the.

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Jul 31, 2017. Reclaiming my time: Maxine Waters's beleaguered congressional hearing led. This gospel version of Reclaiming My Time by @mykalkilgore.

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May 24, 2018. Mykal Kilgore became a national viral sensation when his "Reclaiming My Time – Gospel Remix" was featured on "The View," National Public.

A few weeks ago, during a congressional hearing, the California Democrat silenced the U.S. treasury secretary and gave voice to legions of exasperated women by repeating the phrase, “Reclaiming my.

Aug 10, 2017. I know of preachers who used “Reclaiming my Time” in their. viral video of Mykal Kilgore singing his gospel composition of Waters' words.

So my mother put a moratorium on music, to the point that when she was driving, we couldn’t even listen to gospel music (because at that time, Kirk Franklin was turning. in particular was going to.

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“Reclaiming my time” can now be applied to virtually any time-wasting and/or exasperating situation, and as of Sunday, its evolution as a meme includes a gospel remix by actor and singer Mykal Kilgore.

Publishing scholarship informed by the restored gospel of Jesus Christ since 1959.

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Jul 31, 2017. Your new power anthem is here. YouTuber Pays Glorious Tribute To Maxine Waters With Gospel Rendition Of “Reclaiming My Time”.

Broadway star Mykal Kilgore became a viral sensation in July when he created a catchy Gospel remix of Maxine Water’s "reclaiming my time" moment from a House Financial Services Committee. Now, Kilgore.

Aug 4, 2017. Maxine Waters – 'Reclaiming My Time' Gospel Rendition on 'The View'. You might also like: Whats your safe word?? Ryan Phillippe Leaving.

Political Parties: After winning the midterm elections, the Democratic Party has retaken the House of Representatives. For the first time, we have 100 women in the Congress and the most diverse.

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Aug 2, 2017. Singer Mykal Kilgore crafted a “Reclaiming My Time” gospel remix that adds light humor but also serves as this generation's see something,