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14 Mar 2017. An alumnus of the Pardes Institute and of Yeshivat Hadar, Zahara is dedicated to building spiritually and politically awake Jewish spaces.

She was ordained from the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2002 and holds a BA. In 2017, inspired by her experience with the Institute for Jewish Spirituality,

Deb Rochford, National Campaign Director of the Jewish National Fund — a major funder of the Arava Institute — and Temple.

Others, such as Rabbi Rachel Cowan, Director of the Jewish Spirituality Institute, define spirituality as a more general phenomenon that is available to Jews as.

Come be a part of a new effort to build a progressive Jewish spiritual community in. Influenced by her training through the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, she.

Faith Lutheran Church New Providence Hope Faith Peace Love Believe “Though no simple resolution to these tragedies is readily apparent, we, as people of faith. believe in God. proud of our diversity, yet honored to call one another brothers and sisters, to. I hope you get well soon. to give as my vast travels and experience have proven, is the

to teachers and students at Rome’s Pontifical Biblical Institute. The pope explained that Christian interpretations of Jesus’ interactions with the Pharisees, as well as consideration of the Jewish.

She’ll address the struggles and joys of the evolution of her spirituality and gender identity. She remains in Jerusalem and teaches on the faculty of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies and the.

Once again this year, the Temple Institute in Jerusalem conducted a symbolic Korban. by allowing Jews freedom to pray on the Mount and to offer the Korban Pesach. The Jewish Press: What is the.

Developed by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, based on the book by Rabbi Rachel Cowan z"l and Dr. Linda Thal, Wise Aging: Living with Joy, Resilience, and.

23 Aug 2017. For years, she has both taught at, and studied with, the New York-based Institute for Jewish Spirituality. And at her own synagogue, she leads a.

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Appreciating the keen interest showed by Lithuania in Indian culture, philosophy, arts and spirituality, the vice president.

Wearing eyeglasses and carrying a leather briefcase, Rabbi John Rosove looks more like a museum curator than a spiritual leader as he talks. a rabbinic student at Hebrew Union College-Jewish.

LAG B’OMER, the thirty-third day of the Counting of the Omer1, is the anniversary of the passing of one of the spiritual giants in Jewish history. But why would we institute a custom that might.

Rav Tzvi Yisrael Tau, the spiritual leader of the party. pluralism, and non-Jewish values infiltrating almost every national institute due to nefarious and heavily-funded movements who seek, in the.

I recently concluded my class on American Jewish identity at Hevruta, the Shalom Hartman Institute’s gap year-mechina. individual, communal and spiritual components, rather than artificially.

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“We had overlapping friendships,” she said. They both were active in the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. “When I introduce myself and people sort of knew my name, I would say, ‘You probably know my.

Cowan, who co-developed a Wise Aging curriculum as co-founder of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, pointed to acceptance and love. “Love,” she says, “is.

Hope Faith Peace Love Believe “Though no simple resolution to these tragedies is readily apparent, we, as people of faith. believe in God. proud of our diversity, yet honored to call one another brothers and sisters, to. I hope you get well soon. to give as my vast travels and experience have proven, is the only true faith. Peace and

it’s the spiritual epicenter of the cosmos. Join us as we explore the people, the land and the claim of Israel and its mystical dimension. This lecture was produced and recorded in The Menachem.

Catholic-Jewish relations blossomed after the Second Vatican Council. To Jews, the Pharisees include some of the earliest of the Sages whose collective legal and spiritual debates over some seven.

This program offers a new opportunity for applying Jewish mindfulness practice to the inner work of cultivating the middot associated with this 49-day period of.

Rabbi Yael Levy's approach to Mindfulness is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition. Alaska for Jewish professionals through the Institute for Jewish Spirituality as.

I found this assertion ironic, given my central intellectual and spiritual mission since last April, which has triggered Zionist salons worldwide: I am inviting Jews to host other Jews to talk about.

“It’s an antidote to some of the dryness people are experiencing in the Jewish tradition,” said Rabbi Jill Hammer, co-founder of the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute. “Modern Judaism is in deep need.

Rabbi Bendat-Appell is program director of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality and the Center for Jewish Mindfulness in Chicago. Bendat-Appell explained to the Tribune that Adin’s maternal.

They actualize one of Tisha b’Av’s most potent principles: the moral and spiritual imperative to pay attention. He is studying to be a rabbi at New York City’s Hebrew Union College—Jewish Institute.

The institute educates clergy and medical professionals. Thirteen years ago, Goldstein was a rabbinic intern at Beit T’Shuvah, working as a spiritual counselor while still a student at the American.